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Sõna comb tähendused

  • A toothed implement for grooming the hair or for keeping it in place
  • A machine used in separating choice cotton fibers from worsted cloth fibers
  • A structure of hexagon cells made by bees for storing honey; honeycomb
  • The top part of a gun’s stock
  • The main body of a harmonica containing the air chambers and to which the reed plates are attached
  • A toothed tool used for chasing screws on work in a lathe; a chaser
  • The collector of an electrical machine, usually resembling a comb
  • The curling crest of a wave; a comber
  • A toothed wooden pick used to push the weft thread tightly against the previous pass of thread to create a tight weave
  • To groom with a toothed implement; chiefly with a #Noun|comb
  • To separate choice cotton fibers from worsted cloth fibers
  • To roll over, as the top or crest of a wave; to break with a white foam, as waves
  • Combination


  • I need to comb my hair before we leave the house
  • Police combed the field for evidence after the assault


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