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  • protokolla
    Arvoisa komission jäsen, kysyn, miten Tanskan protokolla toimii tässä asiassa? How does the Danish protocol work in this area, Commissioner? Protokolla määrää heille sitä varten kuuden viikon ajanjakson jokaisen lainsäädäntöasian kohdalla. The protocol set a six-week period for them to do this for any item of legislation. Protokolla on sama kuin sopimus, ja Irlanti todella tarvitsee Eurooppaa, samoin kuten Eurooppa tarvitsee Irlantia. Protocols are the same as the Treaty and, of course, Ireland needs Europe; Europe needs Ireland.
  • pöytäkirja
    Takaako tämä pöytäkirja nämä oikeudet? Will this Protocol guarantee these things? Kioton pöytäkirja on osoittanut tämän. The Kyoto Protocol has demonstrated this. Pöytäkirja on näin ollen monilta osin turha. So the protocol in many ways is a nonsense.
  • toimintaohje

Sõna protocol tähendused

  • The minutes, or official record, of a negotiation or transaction; especially a document drawn up officially which forms the legal basis for subsequent agreements based on it.
  • An official record of a diplomatic meeting or negotiation; later specifically, a draft document setting out agreements to be signed into force by a subsequent formal treaty.
  • An amendment to an official treaty.
  • The first leaf of a roll of papyrus, or the official mark typically found on such a page.
  • The official formulas which appeared at the beginning or end of certain official documents such as charters, papal bulls etc.
  • The original notes of observations made during an experiment; also, the precise method for carrying out or reproducing a given experiment.
  • The official rules and guidelines for heads of state and other dignitaries, governing accepted behaviour in relations with other diplomatic representatives or over affairs of state.
  • An accepted code of conduct; acceptable behaviour in a given situation or group.
  • A set of formal rules describing how to transmit or exchange data, especially across a network.
  • The set of instructions allowing a licensed medical professional to start, modify, or stop a medical or patient care order.
  • To make a protocol of


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