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  • floor
    The room has a wooden floorMany sunken ships rest on the ocean floorThe floor of a cave served the refugees as a home
  • layer
    It is another layer, so to speak. Se on vain ikään kuin yksi kerros lisää. Clearly some icing can be added to this multi-layer cake. Tähän tuhatkerroksiseen kakkuun voidaan ilmeisesti lisätä vielä yksi kerros kermaa. One layer concerns the content of such mandatory information, particularly regarding its scope and details. Ensimmäinen kerros koskee tällaisten pakollisesti ilmoitettavien tietojen sisältöä ja erityisesti niiden laajuutta ja yksityiskohtia.
  • course
    The normal course of events seems to be just one damned thing after anotherI need to take a French courseWe offer seafood as the first course
  • storey
    For superstitious reasons, many buildings number their 13th storey as 14, bypassing 13 entirelya multi-storey car parkThe IPA symbol for a voiced velar stop is the single-storey [[File:Opentail g.svg
  • stratum
  • basement
  • flight
    Birds are capable of flightThe migrating birds flight took them to Africaa flight of swallows
  • ledge
  • level
    This table isnt quite level; see how this marble rolls off it?We tried to hang the pictures so that the bottom of the frames were level with the dark line in the wallpaperHis pulse has been level for 12 hours
  • ply
    two-ply toilet paperHe proposed to build Deep Purple, a super-computer capable of 24-ply look-ahead for chessHe plied his trade as carpenter for forty-three years
  • sheet
    Use the sheets in the hall closet to make the bed.A sheet of paper measuring eight and one-half inches wide by eleven inches high is a popular item in commerce.Paper is designated “20 pound” if a stack (ream) of 500 sheets 22 inches by 17 inches weighs 20 pounds.
  • tier
  • bed
    My cat often sleeps on my bed.I keep a glass of water next to my bed when I sleepWhen camping, he usually makes a bed for the night from hay and a blanketGo to bed! I had breakfast in bed this morning
  • story
    The book tells the story of two roommatesYou’ve been telling stories again, haven’t you?What will she do without being able to watch her stories?
  • streak
    The picture I took out the car window had streaksI hope I can keep up this streak of accomplishmentsI was on a winning streak until the fourth game, where I was dealt terrible cards

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