Sõna oksentaa tõlge soome-inglise

  • vomit
  • puke
    1599, William Shakespeare, 1 Henry IV, ii.4Puke-stocking caddis garter
  • hurl
  • regurgitate
    The young gulls were fed by their mother’s regurgitated foodFood may regurgitate from the stomach into the mouth
  • cat
    The weather was cat, so they returned home earlya carriers bow cats
  • chuck up
    She got ridiculously drunk last night and chucked up in the back of the minicab on the way homeTake it easy on the roller coasters or youre going to chuck up your lunch.
  • chunder
  • erupt
    The volcano erupted, spewing lava across a wide area.The third molar tooth erupts late in most people, and sometimes does not appear at all.The crowd erupted in anger.
  • projectile vomit
  • spew
  • throw up
    The baby threw up all over my shirt.That cat is always throwing up hairballs.This system has thrown up a few problems.
  • vomit; spew
  • barf
    The program barfed as a result of the invalid input.
  • blow chunks
    The old version was okay, but the new version blows chunks.
  • bob
    The cork bobbed gently in the calm water.The ball, which we had thought lost, suddenly bobbed up out of the water.The flowers were bobbing in the wind.
  • boot
    I booted the ball toward my teammate.We need to boot those troublemakers as soon as possibleSorry, I didn’t mean to boot all over your couch.
  • call Earl
  • chuck
    Are you all right, chuck?She gave him an affectionate chuck under the chin.Chuck that magazine to me, would you?
  • chunk (one's) cookies
  • disgorge
  • do the Technicolor yawn
  • drive the porcelain bus
  • purge
    Stalin liked to ensure that his purges were not reversible.
  • retch
  • spit up
    The baby spat up her breakfast.Dont show the dead bird to him; hell just spit up
  • toss up

Sõna oksentaa tähendused

  • kokea fysiologinen reaktio, joka poistaa vatsan sisältöä voimallisesti suun kautta (tekijän tahdosta riippumattomana refleksina tai siten, että tekijä itse edesauttaa sitä


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