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  • bank
    blood bank; sperm bank; data bankIf you want to buy a bicycle, you need to put the money in your piggy bankHe banked with Barclays
  • bar
    The window was protected by steel barsAncient Sparta used iron bars instead of handy coins in more valuable alloy, to physically discourage the use of moneyWe are expecting a carload of bar tomorrow
  • reef
    Reef the paddles.
  • sandbank
  • shoal
    shoal waterA ship shoals her water by advancing into that which is less deep. — MarryatThe colour of the water shows where it shoals.
  • wash
    The car is so dirty, we need to wash itDishwashers wash dishes much more efficiently than most humansHeavy rains wash a road or an embankment.
  • shallows
    Youll have to navigate carefully through these shallows.

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  • vedenalainen tai vedestä kohoava hiekkakasaantuma


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