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  • incandescent
  • ablaze
  • ardent
  • fervent
  • fulgent
  • smoldering
  • aglow
  • blazing
    The actress, with her perfectly-curved body, was simply blazing in her new movie!It was a performance of blazing ferocity.The divorced couple had a blazing row.
  • dazzling
  • fiery
    a fiery temper
  • flaming
    The flaming debris kept the firefighter well back, and the sparks threatened the neighborhood.To call him a flaming homosexual would be an understatement, but I think he acts that way just to see people react.I wasted three hours in that flaming traffic jam!
  • glowing
    glowing embersHe received glowing references from his previous employers.
  • perfervid
  • red-hot
    The smiths apprentice was still wary of manipulating the red-hot metal.that curry was red-hotHe really delivered a red-hot speech today.

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